Educational Outreach

Reaching out to a wide audience about reptiles can shed light on these often misunderstood creatures, heightening public engagement with science at the same time. I work toward these goals by giving free educational presentations. Those wishing for presentations in their schools, community centers, etc. around the Riverside, California area may contact me by email for more information.

I occasionally publish posts on my blog, A Crawling Shape Intrude, which explores the intersection between herpetology and other fields (culture, history, medicine, technology, etc), focusing on how people interact with reptiles and amphibians.

Below are links to a video and educational brochure about reptiles and amphibians produced in fall 2011 as part of a course titled “Naturalist Outreach Practicum” at Cornell University, taught by Dr. Linda Rayor.

Reptiles: Diversity, Feeding, Defense. Short film developed and presented by Anna Kusler and Jessica Tingle.—diversity-feeding–defense

Basic Biology of Reptiles & Amphibians. Educational pamphlet developed by Anna Kusler and Jessica Tingle.