Educational Outreach

I work to promote public engagement with science by regularly visiting K-12 classrooms for educational activities and presentations, and by helping out with events at science centers, libraries, community centers, and juvenile detention facilities.

Teachers and other community leaders who would like me to join them for an educational event may contact me by email for more information. I am currently based in Northeastern Ohio (Akron-Cleveland area).

Below, you will find a sample of my outreach activities.


Science Ambassador Program. Presented research and discussed career trajectory at a meeting of UCR’s undergraduate Science Ambassador Program. (UC Riverside, May 2021)

Success in Science and Technology: Engagement with Role Models (SISTERS). Facilitated a meeting for the SISTERS program, which serves middle-school girls who will be first-generation high-school or college graduates. (Virtual, April 2021)

STEAM storytime. Interested students in reptiles with a live Rosy Boa and the book Joan Proctor, Dragon Doctor, by Patricia Valdez. (Riverside Main Library, February 2020)

Herpetology Hotline Responder. Answered 155 questions over the course of two years via the Society for the Study of Amphibians and Reptiles online Herpetology Hotline, which is accessible to the general public. (September 2017 – August 2019)

UC Riverside Science Day. Hosted a booth to teach ~90 2nd grade students about snake biology at an on-campus event. (June 2019)

Science Fair Judging. Scored science fair posters and project reports. Provided detailed feedback regarding ways students could improve experimental design and analysis. (January & February 2019)

What is a scientist? Familiarized middle school students with the general goals and specific activities of scientists, then led a miniature research project in which students started with a question (is it possible to taste the difference between M&M colors?), designed an experiment, and evaluated results and potential shortcomings of their experiment. (two 6th grade classes, January 2019)

Animal adaptations presentation. Taught elementary school students about animal adaptations using hand-on activities. (four 3rd grade classes, May 2018; three 4th grade classes, March 2017; four 3rd grade classes, December 2016)

STEAM storytime. Read children a story about rattlesnakes in the desert, then taught them about snake biology using shed skins, microscope, and a live snake. (La Sierra Library, Riverside, CA, May 2018)

Reptiles outreach at an after-school science club. Used live animals to instill knowledge of and appreciation for reptiles in elementary school students. (K– 6th grade, March 14, 2018; 2nd grade, November 2016)

Science Olympiad mentorship. Led workshops to prepare students for the high school Science Olympiad competition. (December 2017 – February 2018)

Lunchtime science careers conversation. Discussed scientific research, academic and career opportunities with high school students in the Upward Bound Math and Science Program. (April 2017)

UC Riverside Science Day. Led activities for ~200 4th grade students to learn about animal diversity and adaptations. (February 2017)

Science Surprises Part-Time Educator. Provided an after school enrichment program to elementary-aged children by preparing and delivering inquiry-based science activities at local schools. (Ithaca Science Center, February 2013 – June 2013)

Cornell Herpetological Society. Participated in dozens educational outreach events aimed for undergraduates, elementary school students, and Ithaca, NY community members over several years as a member of this undergraduate club. (2009-2012)


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