I have substantial professional training and experience in the area of mentorship, including a year serving in a 20 hour/week position as the STEM coordinator of a university-wide mentorship program for new graduate students at UC Riverside, as well as several years mentoring graduate and undergraduate students in research labs and through various programs.


Mentor to graduate students (10/2021–present)

University of Akron

STEM Coordinator, Graduate Student Mentorship Program (8/2020–6/2021)

University of California, Riverside

Facilitator for the GradEdge/JumpStart NSF GRFP Workshop Series (summer 2020; summer 2021)

University of California, Riverside

Mentor, EEB Mentor Match (2020; 2022)

Administered by Samniqueka Halsey and Terry McGlynn

Mentor to undergraduate and high school research assistants (1/2017–5/2021)

University of California, Riverside

Consultant, Graduate Writing Center (9/2019–9/2020)

University of California, Riverside

Mentor, SICB Broadening Participation Mentorship Program (1/2020; 1–4/2021)

Society for Integrative and Comparative Biology annual meeting

Mentor, JMIH Mentorship Program (7/2019; 7/2022)

Joint Meeting of Ichthyologists and Herpetologists


GradSuccess Staff Training to serve as Graduate Student Mentorship Program STEM Coordinator (8/2020)

University of California, Riverside

Certified Master Tutor, Level III (2020)

College Reading & Learning Association International Tutor Training Program

Graduate Student Diversity Certificate Program (3–6/2018)

University of California, Riverside

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